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Our People

Novus Leisure employ some of the best hospitality managers within our sector - FACT! If you are the very BEST read on...

We are a premium bar/restaurant operator, with 37 of the best late licensed venues across the UK with 80% being in central London. We’re always looking for ambitious and charismatic people to join our management teams.

If you want to work with like-minded individuals, in great locations, we’re confident this website really is the only one you’ll ever need!
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Our Culture

Our culture is to provide venues that are perfect for whatever activity at whatever time. From enjoying high food sales during lunch and into evening before the “volume” gets turned up and the venues become the perfect venues for dance and entertainment long into the night.

Recently Novus Leisure has entered into a number of JV’s with well known entrepreneurs to create new ideas for the business and to drive innovation. These have included Lucky Voice, supported by Martha Lane Fox, and Kanaloa, a Polynesian tropical experience, which is a partnership with the team behind Mahiki, including Nick House and Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding.
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Our Vacancies

As the leading operator of late night bars, our ethos is a simple one. Deliver great service with the right offer and you will succeed. This doesn’t come easy, as this means that at every touch point the customer may have with us, that it has to be perfect.

And when your venue could be open for up to 16 hours, every serve must be like the first and the disciplines that we have at midday should still be in place at 4am!

Too demanding – no. That is why we are the very best at what we do. Want to know more? Brilliant, click here and see what opportunities we have.